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A beer for all seasons: an end to lager mentality

Drinking the same brand of beer day in day out is kinda like wearing the same clothes every day. While Helen Zille may approve of this kind of thang, we reckon there’s a lot to be said for pairing your pint with the weather outside.


Nothing beats a South African summer. During this time of sun, sand and siestas you want a beer that is crisp, refreshing and easy to drink by the gallon responsibly. This is where classic local lagers – Castle, Amstel, Windhoek, Black Label etc– come into their own, but it’s also a great time to crack open a Corona or to get crafty with a First Light Golden Ale from Devil’s Peak Brewing.


As green leaves turn to gold and days get shorter your mood – and your drinking habits – will likely get a bit more sombre. To get into the Easter spirit, we suggest pouring yourself an IPA: this craft beer icon is hoppier than the bunny himself and perfectly suited to the slightly cooler weather. This is also the time to watch out Woodstock Brewery’s utterly delicious Mr Brownstowne, a seasonal brown ale that sold out in record time last year. 


The only thing better than a crackling log fire and a bottle of Shiraz is a crackling log fire and a pint of stout or ale. The creamy goodness of a Guiness will wash away those winter blues, and the much-maligned Castle Milk stout also offers some serious value for money. If craft is your thing, lookout for an oh-so-comforting Black Mist from Darling Brew.


Spring is a happy time, so why not find a beer to match the mood? To go with all the sunshine, flowers and birdsong, opt for something that’s lighter and sweeter than a winter ale but not quite as quaffable as a summer lager.  Pilseners (CBC does a great one) go down a treat in spring as do floral, fruity seasonal beers.


Keen to expand your guests’ beer horizons at your next party, event or celebration? Why not let our passionate brewcrew pull the pints while you let your hair down? And we’ll sort the wine, spirits and cocktails too…     

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