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Shaken or stirred? Bar Tending 101

Shaken or stirred? Bar Tending 101

There’s a lot more to crafting mouth-watering margaritas and delicious daiquiris than meets the eye. Read on for a crash course in bartending basics.

Shake what your mama gave you

Many of the most popular cocktails are prepared in a metal cocktail shaker with copious amounts of ice. Some shakers have a built-in lid and strainer (Cobbler shakers) while others use a glass to create the seal and require a separate strainer (Boston shakers). Either way, you need to hold the shaker in two hands (top and bottom) and shake with a sharp, snappy motion – don’t rock your cocktail to sleep! Once condensation forms on the outside of the shaker you can strain and serve your magnum opus.

Make a stir

Stirring drinks isn’t exactly rocket science but many connoisseurs swear by it. Pop all your ingredients in a mixing glass – with or without ice – and stir with a metal or glass rod before transferring to a drinking glass. Those in the know say that drinks which contain only clear ingredients should always be stirred not shaken, as shaking introduces bubbles which result in murky waters. Take that, 007!

All in a muddle

Loads of summer cocktails use delicious fresh ingredients, but you need a muddler –  a blunt metal or wooden stick– to crush the fresh fruit or herbs and in so doing really release their flavour. Bashing the muddler into the bottom and sides of the glass can be quite therapeutic! Popular muddled drinks include mojitos (crushed mint) and caipirinhas (crushed lime or lemon).

Lay me down

Sometimes you don’t want to mix your ingredients. Instead you want them to float on top of one another like those jars of multi-coloured Namib sand that were so darn popular in the 80s. There’s a bit of a knack to layering (don’t try this at home) as you need to know the relative weight of the different ingredients (heavy ingredients go at the bottom, duh!) and you have to be able to carefully create each layer by running the ingredients down the back of a spoon.

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